The Temporary Changes to Maternity and Womens’ Services public consultation ran from August 24, 2015, until a meeting of our Board on December 8, 2015



    Maintaining maternity and womens’ services in their current form safely had been presenting us with serious challenges.



    We launched a comprehensive public consultation, and after careful consideration of evidence it was found that there was no need for any changes to be made.



    We will use information gathered during the consultation to help plan stable and sustainable services in the future.


Womens’ and Maternity Services Consultation – background

Quality and safety of our maternity services is a hugely important issue for the people of North Wales.

Pregnancy and childbirth should be a positive and happy experience with a healthy mother and baby as a result. In order to ensure this, it is important that services are stable and delivered by expert teams, working effectively together providing compassionate care to the highest standards.

We have faced significant challenges in maintaining services in their current form and that is why we considered bringing in temporary changes.

While the majority of care before and after birth happens in the community or as an outpatient, we are concerned that some of our doctor-led services in hospital are becoming unstable and unsustainable primarily due to shortages in trained staff.

The consultation began on August 24, 2015 and our Board made a decision based on all evidence gathered at a meeting on December 8, 2015.

Womens’ and Maternity Services Consultation – outcome


This morning the Health Board accepted the recommendation that there is currently no need to make temporary changes to consultant-led obstetric services in North Wales.

In August and September we carried out a comprehensive public consultation exercise on possible changes to services to address the potential risks to mothers and babies caused by a shortage of middle grade doctors.

The consultation attracted thousands of responses which set out the range of views about our proposals.

While the consultation was underway, we also continued with our strenuous efforts to recruit additional staff to the service.


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