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Breast Services

Why would Breast Services have to move when the issues are with Maternity services?

The option to move inpatient breast services provides opportunity for delivering a dedicated inpatient breast service on one hospital site, accommodate the gynaecology changes needed, and continue to maintain outpatient and day-case services locally across North Wales.

Moving breast surgery inpatient care to balance gynaecology surgery inpatient care would enable the continuation of the dedicated women’s ward supported by ward staff with experience and skills in both breast and gynaecology care.

Breast services across North Wales follow the same policies, procedures and clinical standards and the majority of patients would continue to be listed with the same consultant.

Could these ‘temporary’ changes to inpatient Breast surgery be made permanent?

Not without further discussion or consultation if needed. We have been looking at how breast services should be run in future but we have not yet made any decision to change the way services are provided. At present, no single hospital site would have the infrastructure to provide a centralised inpatient breast services and accommodate returned maternity services. Further work would need to be undertaken should this decision be made.