‘Consultation now closed’

Freepost address RSZZ-SGXY-TSEZ

During the consultation period we discovered that some correspondence may not been delivered to our local freepost address. After raising this issue we heard from a small group of people who believe their correspondence had not been received.

We spoke to each individual to ensure their views had been heard and these were considered as part of the consultation evidence.

The issue only applied to correspondence sent during the early part of the consultation, and to the RSZZ-SGXY-TSEZ Freepost address. The overwhelming majority of consultation responses including letters and questionnaires to Opinion Research Services, e-mails and telephone calls were not affected in any way.

Royal Mail apologised, and are investigating how their failure to deliver this mail happened.

If there is anyone who is still concerned about their consultation response, we would urge you to contact us now to make sure the Board can consider this before reaching a decision.  You can call 0800 169 3142 to give your details.