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Gynaecology Services

What about Gynaecology Services?

It is only emergency and inpatient gynaecology services which would be relocated and these would be to hospitals where 24/7 consultant cover is available. In short, any patient needing 24/7 medical care for gynaecological issues would need to go to an inpatient unit.

Facts about gynaecology treatment.

60 per cent of women who attend a gynaecology clinic will only require that outpatient appointment and will not require further hospital treatment. The remaining 40 per cent will need some follow-up procedure or surgery. Some of these patients will have outpatient hysteroscopy which can take place at their local hospital; some will require a colposcopy, again which will take place at their local hospital and others will have a day case procedure, again locally. Because of the potential risks associated with miscarriage and early pregnancy concerns, the clinicians feel it is important that these women are cared for in units which have 24/7 consultant cover. For women presenting with emergency symptoms who may need surgery, they would be cared for in a hospital where 24/7 care could be provided.