‘Consultation now closed’

How we decide

At the end of the consultation the Health Board will consider all the feedback alongside all other important evidence including:

  • A report on the feedback received during the consultation, which we are commissioning from an independent social research company
  • The views of the North Wales Community Health Council, who have an important role as the independent ‘watchdog’ for health services
  • Evidence from the Equality Impact Assessment
  • Evidence from the Health Impact Assessment
  • An assessment of the options against key factors
  • Any further evidence about quality and safety that we may gather during this period

The Health Board will consider all evidence gathered at a meeting on December 8. If it is decided that services do need to change, a project group will be set up to finalise the details of the option selected and confirm the steps for its implementation.

Any change will be implemented as soon as possible after a decision is made.