‘Consultation now closed’


What would it mean for staff?

Different groups of staff could be affected in different ways, and these would all need to be worked through. We have a national framework within which we would work – called the Organisational Change Policy.

No jobs would be lost.

There would be no change to services that are currently delivered in the community such as antenatal services and community midwifery.

Some staff would have to move to work on other sites as part of any temporary change to maintain safe staffing levels as per national recommendations.

We do appreciate that this is a difficult time for our staff and apologise for the uncertainty that considering temporary change might cause to them and their families. We will do all we can to minimise the disruption should any temporary changes need to be made.

How many doctors have you appointed to your maternity services over the last five years?

We have appointed four consultants at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, three consultants and two speciality doctors at Glan Clwyd Hospital and two consultants and one speciality doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Have you looked at what effect making patients travel further will have on outcomes for both mothers and babies?

This is a really important question when we are looking at services across an area the size of North Wales.  We asked Public Health Wales to carry out an in-depth review of all the existing evidence and literature on this subject, both from the UK and abroad.  They have now completed this work and their report can be viewed on their website at www.wales.nhs.uk

How will findings from the consultation be analysed, interpreted and reported by Opinion Research Services?

We are keen to reassure people that all responses received will be counted, included and considered by the Health Board. No responses will be discounted. Partial responses – where responses are not complete – will be included to the extent that they are clear.

Analysing the overall response is complex and this is why the Health Board has commissioned an independent and expert professional company to undertake this. The public need to see that the analysis is independent and the Board will need to consider this conscientiously.

A more detailed explanation of how the different types of response are evaluated can be found in LINK TO DOC